mrs hardly is getting a cold.

i am fairly convinced the germs emenated from my boss (hereafter referred to as iwihcmld – ie. i wish i had completed my law degree).

if it takes hold i get to have a sick day! the thought of a whole day away from the batshitcrazyorg fills me with joy! which is a sad reflection on how i feel about my job.

coff coff coff.

i have been trying to upgrade (make sense of) the files of Mr Burns’ PA – this has proved to be an interesting new form of hell. how this woman has managed to adequately perform her role, given the state of her files (which are a complete disaster), is beyond me. work i thought would take a week to complete will probably pan out to a month (but hey, i get to sit in an actual OFFICE! while i do it).

The most peculiar of all (which has no impact on what i am doing for her) she saves every document she types during a month to one big document – called “MB[month][year]” and to nowhere else. i have never seen this ANYWHERE before – nobody can understand how she ever finds anything.

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