hey na, hey na

my boyfriends back.

and will stay back in lovely Sydney for a week and a bit. hurrah!

i was unaware precisely *how* grumpy the absence was making me until i received a phone call from fenton with the fab news that he was required up here for work that was slightly more urgent than the Melbourne work. suddently everything was all sunshine and lollipops. even the batshitcrazyorg did not seem quite so bad (although admittedly it was still reasonably bad).

while at the station this afternoon (off on an adventure to find civilzation 3: conquests for nancy & fenton – total nerds both) we encountered the ex-friend that we saw in Woolies a fortnight ago and once again studiously pretended to be completely unaware of his existence. banquo’s ghost style, he seems to be everywhere i go of late. i found myself standing exactly next to him at the station on Thursday morning, which unsettled me. the whole thing is causing me not a little angst. should i speak with him and attempt to reconcile? should i continue to maintain my bitterness? humourously fenton, being a boy, can’t see what the problem is with continuing to ignore him.

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