my plate’s empty

i hate it when i have run out of blogs to read – i know there are loads more i would delight in out there, somewhere (but it is rather difficult to find the gems amid the teen angst & other assorted dross).

i happened upon Andrew G’s blog today, which caused me considerable hilarity – mostly due to an awfully amusing anecdote from sophialoren (who will now be re-named Elaine – because of her many similarities to the seinfeld character) – apparently the old Andy is a bit of a ladies man and if one should happen to, you know, be in a position to indulge in some horizontal folk dancing with the G-man, one must abide by “the G-man’s 8 rules” (i suspect rules is mentally spelled with a z in this instance).

Sadly, many of the ruleZ have been lost in the countless re-tellings of the tale – however the 3 ruleZ that i am aware of are:

  1. The liaison will be for one night only

  2. There will be no phone calls or any form of contact after the conclusion of the liaison

  3. It is essential that you slurp on his bits

we like to think that one of the ruleZ is that you are not permitted to mess with the G-hair.

here in the hardly house we can’t look at him in quite the same way any more.

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