it occured to me this afternoon that the Woolworths buyers must be on crack (or, at least, those who decide on item pricing are)

while at woolworths town hall this afternoon in search of a cheap duvet for nancy (an unsuccessful mission i might add), i wandered up to the top floor where the clothing is located (thinking they may have hidden the duvets up there).

Woolworths clothing is notoriously very cheap in both price and quality, so i was aghast to discover knitted ladies jumpers** (in wide pastel horizontal stripes) priced at $69.95! but the madness did not stop there, oh no – next i spied corduroy pants (such that a completely style-deprived grandma might wear) for $79.95! what the hell are they thinking? i could buy several garments (which are actually currently fashionable) at one of the seemingly infinite number asian clothing stores which are all over the CBD for the price of a synthetic stripey jumper at Woolworths. One could even buy a decent stripey jumper (if that’s where your fashion sensibilities are at) made from natural fibres at DJs or EvilMyer for less.

i full expect, come summer, to see these very same jumpers discounted to $5 and then i will laugh a hearty laugh. hah!

on things Woolworths-related, it is interesting to note that flanelette pyjamas selling for $9.00 at town hall, while these exact pyjamas are retailing for $15.95 at the Woolworths a hop skip and step from the hardly haus. O! – The perils of living in an allegedly affluent area.

**and completely synthetic – you’d expect at least *some* wool in the mix for that price.

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