fenton arrived back from Melbourne on Friday evening with a gift for me – his cold.

so now i feel very spo0ty indeed – particularly as it feels around 4oC outside with intermittent rain & strong winds** & we needed to venture out to take Joe/Frank & Bess home.

It would appear they have changed the blogger interface again – my first impression is icky!, but I imagine i will become accustomed to it.

Fenton also arrived home with a broken suitcase – yes the brand new, $200 suitcase which we purchased on the shopping trip from hell last weekend. You would think I would learn by now not to tempt fate by proclaiming items as a good buy – oh and a bit broke off the pen drive – it will not affect performance, but can no longer be used as a keyring.

**Severe weather warning for hazardous winds is current. A few showers, chiefly coastal. Cold, fresh to strong southerly winds, reaching a gale force at times near the coast.

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