a rather ghastly day indeed

what an awful day! we spent most of it unecessarily in gracebrosiwillnevercallitmyer (although i may change my mind after today’s experience) – the least amount of time we waited for assistance was 25 minutes – the longest, much, much longer.

firstly we returned the keyring i gave fenton for his birthday because it was faulty.

next fenton purchased a usb pen drive for his work laptop (which he planned to use as a keyring) – which we had to return 3 hours later because it set off the security alarms in David Jones, HMV, Just Jeans & Esprit (but not those in myer) – we removed the little security barcode & it still set off alarms everywhere .

after acquiring the pen drive we spied a dvd/vcr combo – something i had been coveting for a little while – we waited for around 50 minutes for someone to answer our very simple questions (was it multi-region / was this particular model discounted / did it have a remote) – questions answered to our satisfaction & dvd/vcr purchased, we went to check out shoes for fenton & waited for another age to get a salesperson to get the correct size – fenton went to buy them & found that they were not discounted as the signs around them indicated (so no purchase).

we arrived home to find that the dvd/vcr switches itself off automatically after 10 seconds and will not accept a video cassette at all (groan) – so we’ll have to take it back tomorrow (that will be just heaps of fun) and get a refund – and i will not be purchasing from Myer again for quite a long time.

i purchased a replacement fan and heat sink for my poor sick puter for only $3.00 (the fan was not turning at all this morning) & reinstalled flash, only to find that the sodding thing froze again – so i’ve uninstalled flash AGAIN – a big pox on website designers who use flash – it seems as though every site i want to look at can ONLY be viewed with flash.

fenton managed to find a new pair of non-metal work shoes at David Jones & bought a moderately expensive suitcase & toiletries bag to accompany him on his trip to southerly climes.

in good news i did manage to find a temporary replacement bag (although i have doubts that i will be able to fit everything i want in it) – my old bag was looking sadder and sadder with each passing day.

i am in another Mood – what a suckful day – and i still need to do a massive amount of washing in preparation for Fenton leaving – what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night. The house has junk everywhere and there is nowhere to put aforesaid junk. ARGH!

3 thoughts on “a rather ghastly day indeed

  1. they are little devices you plug into a usb port – you can copy data to it and transfer that data to another computer etc (instead of floppies – and they have a great deal more space). Fenton’s super work laptop does not have a floppy drive (or a CD drive for that matter)

    http://www.meritline.com/64mbpendrives.html (hard to find a site that does not use ^&$%#% flash!)

    i must admit i did not wash last night (bad me) – so i’m running about like an idiot trying to do it today – thus fenton will be undertaking a solo mission to return the dvd/vcr (because i am washing and because there is a wee chance that i might just go postal at myer)

  2. thank you very much – what a handy little doodad that is!

    I do not blame you for not washing after your day yesterday and I fully understand your frea of “going postal”, I am having rather the same thoughts although for different reasons – I am going insane! I had a taste of a childless holiday and I want MORE MORE MORE and I feel GUILTY about it!

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