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quiet celebrations yesterday for Fenton’s birthday yesterday. He received many fine gifts, but will receive his major gift when we can grab a moment to shop for them – he is keen for a pair of work shoes which lack metal parts (and which don’t set off airport metal detectors).

in very exciting news, a fully fledged woolworths supermarket has opened a mere hop skip and step down the road, underneath the ikon building – no more trudging through the seedier parts of the suburb to Coles after alighting from the train! and i can drop my coat and belongings at home and go shopping after work – hurray!

very strangely, i saw a former very good friend of ours at the new woolies this evening – we looked right at, but did not acknowledge, each other (i have changed greatly in the 2 years since we have seen each other, so i assume he did not recognise me).

i finally found a reasonable set of safari animals (i imagine this is the politically correct term for zoo animals) for bess at toys r us – unfortunately lacking in snakes & pingus – so i’ll have to track down another, more compleat set.

in other news, our evil plan to create an army of Hello Kittys is progressing nicely:

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  1. oh my goodness a belated and very Happy Birthday to Fenton!! I had not idea! It can’t have been a year since the last one, it certainly doesn’t feel like it!!

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