its too darned hot

inside my computer that is – the outside temperature is quite bitey.

i definitely need to add a bigger case and new cpu fan to my “buy asap” list – i have had to disable flash because it puts too much load on the cpu and overheats it – causing rather annoying freezes & forcing me to reboot.

it is scary how many things i (and the sproglets) want to look at that require flash.

i really don’t care *what* the case looks like, however a tower will require me to find something to put my monitor on (after using a gorgeous flat screen at work for the past week, i rather covet one of those too!! – the extra desk space is amazing! but i would be sad to say goodbye to the $5 NEC Multisync 5FG – where i can flick between the mac and my pc!)

i think i would be happy with something from the side of the road (however pickings of that kind have been über-slim of late)

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