say what???

currently watching the utterly appalling NCIS. There was a dead body found, Snowtown-style, in a barrel of acid. The remnants of a tattoo of a dolphin on the victims forearm. Agent Gibbs deduced that this indicated the victim was a submariner. however he pronounced it “sub-mareene-er” (like submarine with an “er” chucked on the end), as opposed to the more familiar “sub-marin-er”.

so now i am left wondering whether this show is simply pathetic (why yes it is) or whether all americans say it this way (because if an australian pronounced it like that, they would be subjected to extreme ridicule).

nancy is struggling with the concept that women are not permitted on submarines (or to be “sub-mareen-ers”) – she was aghast to learn that when i was at school women were not even permitted on *ships*. this sort of thing makes one realise how much the women’s movement has achieved – you go sisters!

7 thoughts on “say what???

  1. HHHH I’m watching it too, isn’t it dreadful! I don’t know why I’m still watching it, I should be trying to get some sleep!
    maybe it’s just drawling type americans that call them submarine-ers.. I really don’t know.

  2. Don’t you just hate that lame-arsed goth chick? soooo tragic. like the navy would employ anyone who strayed from the norm – no matter what their skills.

    it is compellingly appalling (or perhaps i am just too lazy to change channels).

  3. yes, abby is a very bad attempt at a token “weird chick amongst the straight guys”, but then all of the characters are fairly shocking – there has been no character development, just a lot of try-hard character acting.

  4. Donald Bellisario has lost it.

    from the glories of
    Battlestar Gallactica
    Magnum PI
    Quantum Leap

    to this piece o’ trash.

  5. i misread your lance henriksen comment and so deleted my response – but apparently it is.

    <>Australians awarded at New York Festivals

    A TVC for Visa featuring fish falling from the sky is one of several Australian ads to pick up a gold world medal at this year’s New York Festivals awards.

    The ad “Unexplained’ starring US actor Lance Henriksen was created by Clemenger BBDO Sydney and produced by Luscious International.<>

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