where is the ikea catalogue?

i saw it in the house *somewhere* a week or so ago. but now it has *mysteriously* disappeared. of course when i saw it i did not want to look at it. no doubt i will find it when i no longer want to look at it.

i also have a desire to get my scanner out from where it is currently living (on a shelf and unuse-able) to my desk – however there is no room on my desk & i fear that if i make room *stuff* will just get dumped on the scanner anyway.

i am in a mood for winter cleaning. it must be due to the long weekend (the queen’s birthday holiday – although as we all know, her *real* birthday is in April). i get to sit about and look at all the *stuff* we still have despite several quite ruthless cullings

so here is an unordered list of things i would like to do before i go back to batshitcrazyorg on Tuesday:

  • make room on my desk for the scanner

  • change my blog template
    okay, i only changed it it teensy bit (but i wanted to tick it off the list – & it will satisfy me until tomorrow)

  • chuck some junque onto the street / in the bin

  • list some junque on eBay, or if lazy – chuck it onto the street/in the charity bin
  • decide on a design for Nancy’s quilt (square sizes etc) – i may have to buy some new good scissors, people will insist on using them to cut paper and cardboard!
  • find the ikea catalogue
  • iron iron iron

i think that is all. i estimate that i will accomplish precisely NONE of these things.

3 thoughts on “where is the ikea catalogue?

  1. yes! and went a little wider on the main bit.

    i still want a different background and colours, but can’t decide what i want. i want something brighter (but not too bright)

  2. oh I LOVE those new pink spots with the pink background!!! It is looking a wee bit s1quooshy for me, like it all needs to be moved a little to the right.. but I LOVE it, bright and groovy!

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