coveting – volume 4587

i love this bag (click on the pic).

i want this bag.

i admit though that it did take me a good while to work out what the beaded symbol meant – and i only twigged to the meaning when i saw where a fair whack of the profits go.

can i justify spending US$75 on a bag? unfortunately not at the moment.

i’m not even sure if shipping is available outside the US, but i will check.

I’d very much like to have a political bag – and i’d very much like the people at batshitcrazyorg to ask me what the symbol means – batshitcrazyorg is a hotbed of catholicism (actual *churchgoing* catholicism! this is not normal in australian workplaces) & i like to shit-stir.

I should plug the poise (the bag-crafter’s site) as well worth a read too!

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