spo0ty food ideas

while picking up supplies at coles in the ‘burbs yesterday with fenton i was lured by a magazine on the point of sale display – Super Food Ideas – what a misnomer.

admittedly i *should* have been warned by the low low cover price $2.75, i *should* have had more than a brief glance at the contents – but oh the horror! when I actually examined the questionable “delights” contained within. i think there are 3 recipes i would even (barely) contemplate cooking.

the magazine included a boiled mince recipe – for the love of humanity! obviously in some parts of Australia it is still 1962! Boiled mince on toast was recommended for a sunday evening meal. yes. really. i am not making it up. i don’t have the imagination to invent something so unspeakably disgusting. honestly, it took me quite some time to recover.

i no longer have any desire to purchase magazines from Point Of Sale displays, so it was quite cheap aversion therapy.

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