I wish I had a camera attachment to my phone – part 1

lunchtime adventures – to be completed later…

so. very. tired.

ran up to Dymocks (to collect 2 books I’d ordered for Joe/Frank ) and GraceBrosiwillnevercallitmyer (to purchase some shirts/ties for Fenton) at lunch.

while “power walking” up George Street a window display in a shoe store caught my eye – several “boy” shoes surrounded by half-filled bottles of beer and partially smoked cigarettes/filled ashtrays. In the centre of this little tableau was a white pole, draped around this pole were “girly” shoes (2 pairs of runners & a pale pink ballet flat) and the bottom of the pole was a pink lacy g-string.

yes that’s right – sleazy shoe pole-dancing!

oh! for a camera.

I also “power walked” back up to the city after work to pick up dinner from DJs and back to Town Hall to catch the train home – my pauvre little feets.

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