*apparently* i got a perfect round in tipstererering this week – i suspect the office bore made an error in his calculations (but i rushed my tips as usual, so really can’t be certain).

I’m almost on the first page of tipsters – yay! I have no hopes of winning, but I so want to place higher than our sooky department clerk (who cried FIVE times in one day when photocopying!).

After purchasing foodstuffs for dinner at DJs Foodhall (marinara mix for a thai red curry**), I wandered into Pets Paradise on a quest to see if Siamese Fighting Fish came in green – they didn’t have any green ones, *but* they did have a rather gorgeous baby blue and red little guy & who could resist especially when he had 2 tiny dead cockroaches in his little cup? poor baby!

So the hardlys have another gorgeous wee betta splendens – fortunately we already have another glass cookie jar to use for a fishy abode.

**which was very nice, but 750g was too much marinara. i think next time we’ll have thai red fish curry – the sooks in the hardly abode did not care too much for the mussels & baby octopus.

2 thoughts on “oops

  1. Our first fishy – matsumura (fishworks) – has been with us for *almost* a month (4 days to go) & we love him to bits (fenton is rather more restrained than nancy or me in displaying his affections).

    I’d forgotten that it took matsumura (fishworks) a wee while to settle in & work out how to eat** (word has it that fishies don’t get fed in pets paradise) – so we are waiting for tamaribuchi (heavy manufacturing concern) to settle in and start chowing down.

    **now he is a little piggy fish

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