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at the risk of having wool in my blog banner advertising forever (the s.o.c.k.s. just won’t go away!!) apparently knitting is now trendy. Todays freebie handout magazine (we Sydney commuters are rather spoiled with 3 free mags a week) had a little article:

If you’re feeling tired, overworked and under-appreciated, perhaps you should take up knitting. Once considered “mumsy”, knitting has come to be seen as a hip and theraputic craft.

Many have discovered that the rhythmic clicking of needles and the feel of soft yarn combine to create an outlet for day-to-day stress.

And now Patons have released the new Stress Relief Knit Kit, priced at $23.95, which consists of a ball of yarn, state-of-the-art circular knitting needles, easy-to-follow instructions for knitting a hip scarf and a cool bag for your work in progress.

$23.95 for a ball of wool and circular needle??????

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