quick 3

  1. why am i so very very tired when it is only 9.15pm?

  2. Louis Vuitton bags (both genuine & fake varieties) are the ultimate indication of a tragic fashion victim.

  3. The Knight’s Tale has quite possibly the most inappropriate sound track in the history of film – “we will rock you”, “low rider”, “taking care of business” – for goodly goodness’ sake its mediaeval! i have to really question the claim of amazon.com that the soundtrack gives the film a “joyful exuberance”, to me it is just a misguided gimmick that transforms what could have been a really average film into a really, really, really fscked up one (okay, that wasn’t so quick)**.

**h0ly fsck – now they are doing some sort of mediaeval dance (possibly an estampie) to David Bowie’s “golden years”

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