ah those were the days – wanting a crafty page made me remember my very first webpage design! I’ve not visited the site for ages! I still adore *most* of the layout (not too sure about the location of the links tables).

i would appropriate the design for this blog (the spots are becoming a bit of a visual nightmare), but unfortunately that would render the blog title rather redundant!

without further ado … here it is:

my very first web page.

My photoshop skills were decidedly average (as opposed to decidedly intermediate) – I had no idea that I should/could reduce the *actual* physical size of the image, rather than just constraining it via html (so all of the teeny tiny pix are actually bigger than they appear) – ahhh the innocence.

this site has one of my all-time favourite craft projects on it – a personalised dolly for (and of) our friend Cass (kitty) – who came to our rescue when we were in a huge jam!

Kitty has a *thing* through her nose because Cass has a *thing* through her nose.

Kitty came compleat with her own lair, a range of outfits and accessories – she even had a little orange fur coat, skirt & hat!

From recollection, i think the whole thing cost about $5-ish – most of the materials I already had laying about.

Cass was absolutely thrilled. For a very long time afterward when I was out clubbing, complete strangers approach me with “oh, you’re the one who made the kitty doll!”

I really should move it from that site (perhaps when i get my own domain…)!

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