segue – stupid song lyrics

i will get to my washing machine eventually…

don’t get me wrong, i kind of like songs with freaky lyrics, when there is an intent to amuse, but really!!

macarthur park is melting in the dark

all the sweet green icing flowing down

someone left the cake out in the rain

i don’t think that i can take it

‘cos it took so long to bake it

and i’ll never have that recipe agaaaaaaaaaaaaain

what’s all that about?

every version i have heard is so passionate, and sung with such depth and feeling. I’m obviously missing the cake being a metaphor for something, but i don’t think knowing what the cake is a metaphor for would make my listening experience any better.

However hating the song with a passion did not stop me singing along with Donna Summer – much to the horror of the rest of the Hardly fam – who had never actually “experienced” this “classic” before.

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