As reblogger seems to be broken for people in Sydney (Harriet, in another state, can connect without issues), I have enabled blogger comments – even though they are hideous.

7 thoughts on “comments

  1. I am glad you have comments, but these blogger ones are just CRAP. I saw a good one the other day on another blog but couldn’t find the name of the comment provider!

  2. I actually don’t mind these comments now that I have had a play with them!

    I will be looking for something I can customise a little better than what is out there – yes of course I want everything for free!

    My only remaining problem with it is that you cannot post as anything other than Anonymous if you don’t have a blogger ID.

  3. yours are much better than mine were – you are so clever! I still hate the anonymous thing and I also hate that they open in the same window and there seems to be no easy way to get back to the main page!

  4. that would be why i put a HUGE back to main page link at the top and bottom – although I am not quite satisfied with what it looks like

    (actually there was always a home link there – I just didn’t notice it for ages! d’oh!)

    and I have to say that most of the credit for the prettiness goes to the original creator of the template – all I had to do was a little tweaking – much easier than trying to do it from scratch!

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