do you know the way to…

Fenton happened to be in the city this afternoon, so we caught up for a quick coffee. While chatting, Fenton’s mobile rang, naturally he answered, and his side of the conversation went as follows:



“That would depend on the salary, relocation expenses and the length of the contract”

(Mrs Hardly thinks – “Oh god – Canberra or Melbourne? There couldn’t be a salary large enough to persuade me to move to either!”)


Fenton chats more about the role for a while and bids the caller adieu.

“Canberra or Melbourne?” I ask resignedly.

“San Jose! US$58K – US$160K plus relocation etc,” says Fenton. “the Parters are coming down in June to interview.”

“Goodness,” say I and then start singing “Do you know the way to San Jose?”** to myself.

It is a little exciting, even though I am certain nothing will come of it. The feng shui in the career corner must be working! What a shame it is not working for me – I want a new job in a less freak-filled environment.

**The Frankie Goes to Hollywood version naturally.

2 thoughts on “do you know the way to…

  1. Goodness! Best of luck!

    I was about to get all upset and saying you can’t leave the country because I’ll miss you – when DUH I realised I don’t see you here anyway!

  2. We’d just be in different time zones! And I would have to be a haus-frau – because I wouldn’t be able to get a green card.

    I think I would prefer to stay here, but one can’t pass up opportunities like that if they arise! (not that they will)

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