so. very. tired.

Another day, another not terribly many dollars.

Fenton and I were completely wired last night – we had a cup of *real* coffee last night when we arrived home from the suburbs. We wondered why we were both so awake at midnight until we remembered our atypical caffeine intake. I think it was about 2am by the time I finally slept – not the best when you have to wake up at 6am.

In good news, Fenton received 3 calls about various roles today – YAY! He had an interview with a recruiter this afternoon and goes for an interview with the company on Thursday (it was going to be tomorrow, but we need to run out tomorrow and find a reasonably cheap suit that fits! for its a “do you mind taking out your earring for the interview?” role) – so well be doing some appeasing of the feng shui gods – until then.
I think candles are in order – pity it is too late to get some fishies for the career corner.

Interestingly, although I mocked him severely for doing so, Fenton clicked on a horoscope link from my banner advertisement. His emailed horoscope said the following:

First, I see a nice income for you around day Thursday, April 29, 2004…
– on day Monday, May 03, 2004, you will make an important and decisive encounter
– you will experience a great stroke of luck (one that will not happen twice in your life) on day Friday, May 07, 2004…

Hopefully the nice income day means “around Thursday you will get a job, which will provide you with a nice income”.

And it is that time of the week where I wrestle with the Hoovermatic (De Luxe) – what I would not give
to have space for a proper washing machine (and taps for same)! Oh to be able to put the washing in and walk away! I am very grateful that I am not hand washing though!

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