There is a mirror covering a column on the ground floor at work which I’d love to bring home (or take with me wherever I go) – as I am always surprised at how good I look when I walk past it – sadly this is not the case for the majority of mirrors I look into.

Today was the second day of Mrs Hardly Attempts To Look More Professional – hair pulled back, earrings, covered shoulders (fortunately there have not been terribly many heavy things to schlepp around). Today I wore a tight red cardigan1 as a top (out of desperation mainly – as my wardrobe is rather light on professional things to wear) and I was shocked and stunned at the number of people at work who complimented me. Given that I did not look particularly fabulous today, I must look REALLY crap the majority of the time!

Olive discovered a rather amazing document written by Affie detailing Affie’s (alleged) responsibilities – apparently she is the back-up for everyone – the IT guys, the Paymaster, the Accountant, the Executive Officer – everyone in the office. She actually does not do ANY of these things. I think I hate her more every day. She spends most days (when not fighting with her family / organising her overseas holidays) loudly proclaiming how very busy she is / how hopeless everyone ELSE in the office is and blaming everyone else when she makes a mistake. Now they are giving her an assistant. ARGH!! I need a new job! I can’t stand listening to her cr4p ALL DAY. Alas, so far is not producing the goods.

I took Fenton’s discman along with me today – the walk to the station and the train trip is very lonely without Fenton along for company. I must say that it made the whole thing much more bearable. On my way to work I bought a little pink CD case ($1.65) to use as a discman carrying case – so it should be safe in my very cluttered and messy bag.

1Which sadly was its last outing to the office – it ended up with a large gash in the front after an ordinary outing in the Hoovermatic (de luxe) tonight – very representative of my day.

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