suki desu

Tomorrow morning we’re off to one of my favourite places in the world!

It feels very (very) indulgent to have a holiday so soon after the last, however I’ve a really intense period ahead at SML, so getting in while I’m able.

And hey, if I have the annual leave, why not?

There have been a couple of What-is-TheUniverse-trying-to-tell-you moments for both Don and I recently** and they have definitely reminded us that we really shouldn’t put things off until some day or our retirement.

Carpe the whatevs, as they say!


** not us, we’re fine!

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slow projects

On the upcoming holiday (only two more days of work!) I hope to make a little more progress on that embroidery.

I took it along with me to Thailand and had a quite lovely time stitching away by the pool and the beach. And some nice chats with interested fellow loungers – though explaining it is so soppy that I cringe a little (own your sappiness, lady!).

The surrounds won’t be quite so tropical on this trip so the backgrounds are likely to be scarves, coats and fireplaces.

In retrospect I rather wish the little hearts had been little kisses, but I’m disinclined to start over having come so far!

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#thingsbobssays – 1 in a series

Stand out Bobs quotes:

+ “The Roman Empire was insignificant”.

+ “The Japanese don’t have a word for “no””.


If you like lists of thoughtful stuff which is absolutely nothing like the above – you could do worse than get yourself over to this blog.

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60before60: #31 give up chocolate for a year

It’s absolutely no secret that I enjoy challenging myself to give less-than-ideal things up. Banning chocolate was an attempt to stop practically inhaling a family-sized block of dairy milk or an entire pack of chocolate biscuits every evening after dinner and reset my binge eating ways.

I won’t lie, this was pretty challenging, particularly at first. For a long while I had a visceral reaction when confronted with those lovely purple packages and had to avoid that aisle in the supermarket. Don’t even get me started on the chocolate biscuits – which seemed to be everywhere.

But I made it through the year using my surprisingly strong will power (who knew I possessed such a thing?). Would that I could apply this to other areas of my life!

seriously, counting apps are so good for everything!


And to celebrate the one year, I busted out a block of exotic chocolate from the team Xmas hamper.

milk of the gods?

And WOW!

It was … really underwhelming.

Returning to chocolate was kind of meh and nothing at all as I’d expected, which was along the lines of a massive flavour explosion, rainbows, butterflies and kittens. In reality it was just, well, nothing special.

But did it have the desired effect?

Yeah, no it did not, I just moved the bingeing onto things like caramel ice-cream, cakes, caramel popcorn, shortbread, pretty much anything that wasn’t tied down. This is why one of my challenges for 2019 is “no food after dinner”. So far I’ve not worked around this by scoffing cakes before dinner or for lunch or even breakfast. But hey early days, I’m pretty cunning.

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casa del bodgy

It’s taken over two months, but I finally did something about the holes in the wall and ceiling from the airconditioner replacement.

craft paper and painters tape for the win

It’s a process.

But hey, at least there’s not building dust pouring out of the holes and into our lungs


One evening a few months ago we were sitting watching television and heard ping. We looked around and found a plastic corner (about 5cmx 5cm) that had spontaneously fallen off the corner of the exhaust fan / rangehood over the stove. There was no apparent cause for this. It didn’t impact the functionality, so I put the piece away “just in case” and we went on with our lives.

Last week we heard another ping and found another bit had jumped off. This time functionality was impacted. The rangehood is the slide out type, and the slide-y part was precariously hanging off one of the rails.

Thank goodness I keep a supply of the fantastically wonderful sugru in the fridge. And thank TheUniverse that I’d kept that first part.

holding it steady while the fix cured – thank theuniverse for occy straps!

Fortunately I had the sugru on hand. I suspect the fan is lower to the cooktop than the Australian Standard dictates** (hence the falling bits) and replacing the unit would cause a world of pain and not insignificant expense – involving setting everything higher and rebuilding cupboards. Honestly I’d rather save the money for a holiday!


** I just looked this up – it’s 7cm too close to the cooker than it should be. Of course it is.

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pearl was the hardest

Of course the $60 did not magically appear back into my account, so that’s a $60 lesson in paying greater attention to what I’m doing. Whether this works in the long term remains to be seen.

This evening I magically completed the guardian quick crossword in an unprecedented 40(ish) minutes (without recourse to any reference materials – House Rule). So the brain still works a somewhat when I’m focussed.

I need more of this focus. SML is really scattered, Bobs is unstructured and all over the place, we’re at a critical project juncture, I’m juggling three different roles (four next week), and resolving Joe/Frank’s NDIS funding review – none of which really helps matters.

I really like quick crosswords, but I’ve barely looked at one for years. I think perhaps I put a little too much pressure on myself to learn how to solve a cryptic. And by getting it into my head that anything less than a cryptic was Intellectually Inferior and not worth the time.

Yes indeed, I’m an utter idiot sometimes.

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now more than ever

Today at lunch I visited an ATM and wandered off without taking my cash with me.

I realised what I’d done about 10 minutes later, went back and of course the cash was not in evidence. It is a fairly heavily trafficked area, so this was not unexpected.

This is the first time I’ve done anything remotely like this and it’s pretty disconcerting.

Afterward I called the bank because apparently the cash is sucked back into the machine if untouched for x period of time. If this did happen, the amount should magic itself back into my account by morning – but I’m not holding out the slightest hope of that!

I’m now considering this as a $60 fee for a quite big lesson in being more present (per my 2019 intentions).

Also, what the hell? Is this an old age thing? Maybe it really is a medical condition!

(and then I forget to hit “publish”)

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2019 not-resolutions: joe/frank

Bringing up the rear of the 2019 not-resolutions is Joe/Frank!

He wasn’t quite so laggardly as this would indicate, he actually told us his items over dinner last week and we all promptly forgot to do anything about it.

Review of 2018:

1. Aim for a “D” (distinction) average at uni (raising the bar!)
NOT ACHIEVED! No D grades, only one C (credit). At least I didn’t fail anything….

2. Lose 10kgs
NOT ACHIEVED! The end of weight-loss goals because I always want to lose weight but never do the work required to do so.
[me: no more weightloss goals permitted!]

3. Travel overseas or start planning overseas travel
NOT ACHIEVED! Hopefully the Melbourne trip will be what kicks off travel plans. One for 2020.
[me: he’s travelling to Melbourne on his own on the weekend – first solo trip ever – let me count the ways we are alternately proud and terrified]

4. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! Thank you [redacted list of various drinking activities]! Need to improve in ‘dead’ periods a bit though.

5. Look for a new job
PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! I now have access to a recruiter/employment coach. Had I got one earlier in the year I may have found real, substantial work. Oh well….

And for 2019:

1. No uni grade lower than a C (Credit)
2. Plan an overseas holiday for next year
3. Read one new book a month
4. Learn how to ride a bike
5. Cook one new recipe a month


Joe/Frank’s previous not-resolutions:


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sorry bobs, can’t come in today, i have a medical condition

Today saw my first acquisition of the year – compression socks for the upcoming flight ($19.99).

Last time I flew – despite being laid flat in incredible luxury^^ – my lower legs, but my dodgy right ankle in particular, swelled up rather alarmingly and throbbed pretty painfully throughout the flight. I’m giving compression socks a bash in an attempt to hopefully counter this a bit and make the endeavour a little more comfortable. I probably should buy proper much-more-expensive ones if I want to do this properly, but we’ll see how these go first.

Helpful cautionary advice from the packaging:

You should consult your doctor before travelling for extended periods of time if you have any of the following conditions …
– varicose veins
– heart disease
– obesity
– cancer
– recent surgery
being middle aged or older

Wait. What?


Also purchased today: 2 pack bonds sports socks – $9.00 (I finally realised I should be wearing size 8-11 not 3-8, little wonder my socks were uncomfortably tight)
Not purchased but considered: 1 pair happy socks with love hearts – $9.00 | navy camisole (for sleeping) $24.95


^^ I must add that to the list of things to post about that happened months ago – a shower! in the plane!

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everywhere you look

This time last year I blogged about my collection of andles^^ and my intention to get burning.

Like most things this one pretty much stayed an intention.

over the break i went through a bit of a phase of photographing things on the floor in a square formation

In the past year I’ve made somewhat decent progress on the woodwick, less so on any of the others. I think I’ve had that glasshouse Tahaa candle on the bottom right for around 3 years. And the ikea vanilla candle at the bottom left for 5 or more.

I have concluded that while I adore the scents, I’m not really a candle-burning kind of person. Nonetheless, I’m giving candle burning a good hard try this year. Perhaps I will resolve to light one when I’m working from home which should make the experience even more delightful.


After they’ve all been used up, it will be reed diffusers all the way! Much less fear of burning down ThePalace(OfLove).


I had a reflect and left those skincare samples** in the SML communal kitchen accompanied by a “decluttering: enjoy!” sign. Everything was gone by day’s end. Afterward I felt quite relieved that they’d gone to good (or otherwise) homes and that I didn’t have to think about them any longer.

The next step is stopping samples from entering the house!


Let’s not even get started on the collection of hotel soaps. When we pulled them from various drawers and bolt holes recently we arrived at this soap mountain.

soap mountain

These we actually do use regularly (the smell – immediately brings memories of being on holiday!), but possibly the stash has become a little out of hand. I did contain the supplies in a pretty pleasing way – here’s hoping I remember where this is when we need it.

soap mountain containment device

Though it is possibly not absolutely necessary to grab more on the next trip (in two weeks!!)


^^ golly! past me took much better photographs

** save for the pillow mists set aside for anyresemblance

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