project 4: 2013 (paint)

Possibly the worst thing about ThePalace(OfLove) is the completely hideous yellow(ish) colour of the walls and trim.

revolting, hideous, ghastly. excellent clock though!

When we recently visited immediate neighbour’s haus, we were dazzled by his lovely white walls and resolved to take action on our own!

After agonising over paint charts from multiple vendors, we’ve bought sample pots of possible contenders (who knew there were so very many whites?), and hope to bust out some test patches over the Xmas break and get on to painting in the new year. Which will be A Very Big Project, because there are many, many walls.

Sure, we could have the professionals in (who would do an infinitely better job), but what is the point of home-ownership if one cannot embark on dodgy home-improvement projects?

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