film 2013: 1 (god bless america)

We’re trying to get on board the Project 2013 train a little early (heck, it can never be too early to bed-down a habit), so Don forced me to pick the movie for us to attend yesterday.

Because I am all about the totes wanker films, I chose God Bless America and it was the best movie I have seen, in like, a good while. Very, very black and very funny though a little heavy-handed in parts (which I think worked in context, but that might be because I agreed with most of the sentiments expressed).

As part of the project we’re going to attempt rating the films we see (though I suspect this might fall by the wayside). Because we are now crazy cat people, we’re instituting a kitty-based rating system.

Carol: 4 kitties

Don: 4 kitties

I must say that I do love a cinema where I can enjoy a nice glass of wine in civilised company!

Don’s choice next fortnight!

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