project 2: 2013 (foodz)

There could not be an attempt at any sort of annual project(s) without reference to foodz.

The plan is to try one new recipe a week in 2013 and (possibly) completely bore you with the results. In actuality we will probably stick to the Project but I will totes Fail at the documenting.

This project was prompted by the recent busting out of pineapple upside-down cake and grilled lamb salad with mint | feta | peas. Both had been on my pinboard for a good while, as have many other quite possibly fabulous recipes.

The cake, while quite tasty, was not improved by being cooled in the fridge (it was late, I was Tired) and the salad was most excellent, but we’ll halve the feta on the next go ’round.

We, in ThePalace(Of Love) do miss the daily food blogging as a handy record of our cooking experiences, but it is such a difficult practice to sustain (especially while there is so much mindless, brain-deadening, InformationSuperHighway scrolling to be had).

Truly, my mantra for 2013 should be perfect = enemy of good.

Moar stuff, less agonising about the perfect square photograph.

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