In reasonably lengthy product demo meeting with externals this morning (about 7 of us, 3 of them), when about three quarters of the way through I stood up to duck out to the bathroom, whereupon MrT, who had just begun speaking as I took a step, loudly announced, “sit down carolbaby, you really need to hear this – you can visit the bathroom later”.

Yes. Really.

After the meeting I calmly explained to him why this was utterly unacceptable.

(And I did not need to hear any of what he considered so vital – having heard it about 750 times already).

4 thoughts on “aghast

    • To be honest, I think he is unaghastable.

      He did bluster a little, but I think in the end realised that it was probably not the best thing to say (he’s generally quite revoltingly brutish and bullheaded, so I consider that about as good as I am going to get)

    • Harriet!!

      Yes, it was just awful … and the having to remain calm and professional was Very Trying indeed.

      Fortunately he has redeemed himself since.

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