Random pieces from a weekend:

Since moving to The Palace (Of Love) we’ve been quite dissatisfied with our cheapo ikea dining table. While it was adequate in OldHaus, it was way too small in our new accomodations.

before: tiny / squishy

So I dragged Don out on Saturday afternoon to check out tables at OzDesign. I had noticed a couple of contenders when I was out at Moore Park buying the amazing hotplate and was keen to get his feedback.

Don was the driverer and took an alternate route and as we passed a different OzDesign store suggested we stop there. Once inside we discovered this store had the benefit of being about double the size of Moore Park and had a large-ish clearance section.

I could not find the table I’d spied previously, but, in the clearance section we happened upon a table which met all of our requirements at HALF PRICE ($1K down to $499), we negotiated $50 off for being banged up and scuffy floorstock, AND the manager offered to drop it off on his way home that afternoon.

after: awesome!

We rubbed the scuffs with a walnut and the became instantly less visibly scuffy – like magic!

Though now we probably need new chairs – BUT MUST STOP SPENDING $$


While on the way to check out tables we passed a food truck!. Truly, in terms of hipsterness, we have arrived.

Of course Don and I resolved to check it out as soon as we could.

It turned out that as-soon-as-we-could meant the next day – we decided to take the 3+ km walk and get our bbq on.

And as an aside, Petersham/Marrickville has some super-interesting architecture, some GIANT old homes – is evident this was orginally not quite the working class area that Glebe was. Must go on photo expedition.

ZOMG! So utterly and amazingly wonderful. Don says best bbq he has experienced since he has been in Australia. FIFTEEN HOUR SMOKED PULLED PORK!

If you are in any sort of getting-to distance (james? jano? flashman? smallstakes? Anyone else I’ve forgotten?), you should totes do yourself a favour before it moves on.


And on our way home, we swung by Addison Road markets and picked up a fabulous (and organic) lamb leg to make Donna Hay’s garlic rosé lamb.

I was a trifle underwhelmed, but Don and Joe/Frank were pretty down with it.

The vegies should make for bubble and squeak.


Oh, and did I mention the ever-excellent Homesick Texan’s smoky tortilla soup from Saturday night?

Words cannot describe the excellence. Go! Make it now!


Truly a MAGNIFICENT weekend.

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