and chocolate

Tonight, instead of boozing, I am …

drinking vanilla mint tea and grocery shopping.

SML was somewhat challenging on several levels today and I was very, very tempted to swing by the bottle shop and grab a nice dry riesling to sip while packing away groceries and prepping for dinner, but then I recalled my pact with myself and made a nice pot of tea instead.

Dinner has been a good deal later in recent times than we are accustomed to (9:10pm and we’re only just setting the table) and we’re a little out of sorts. Don has been working late for the last couple of weeks and I can’t say I’m a fan. Fortunately I have Joe/Frank and kitty to entertain me and fortunately it will all back to regular hours in the not-too-distant future and we can celebrate with … errrmmmm … another nice pot of tea.

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