mrs meow-gi

So, after Don got his joga on this morning (while I was otherwise disposed 1), we ventured out to pat kitties at the Cat Protection Society, with the hard-core rule of “WE WILL NOT BUY KITTIES TODAY”.

We saw many adorable kittens (unfortunately too high maintenance and not for us with our werk enslaved lifestyles) and made friends with some rather lovely non-kittenish katze.

We were rather keen on two of them – one utterly and completely mad and one utterly affectionate, but utterly sheddy (sneeze much) and were considering how we could home both, but then the staff brought in a replacement for an adopted kitty and Bessie was completely bedazzled and could not wait for replacement to be transferred from her carrier.

After an interminable wait, the replacement was released, and then much patting and snuggling ensued.

And then we returned home to consider options …

And despite the “WE WILL NOT BUY KITTIES TODAY” rule, we were back less than an hour later to adopt our gorgeous girl:

kitty at our feets and we want to touch her

Our beloved new baby was originally called Penny (co-incidently the name of the puppy I received after surviving almost death at age 92), but Bessie is completely opposed to kitties with People Names, so we were forced to something else.

We briefly considered “Clin-ton” (note pause), “Babe-bra-ham”3 and Hibbicus4 and many other things.

And then in a flash of inspiration, we decided on on Enmore – from whence she came, a fave venue and the diminutive of which is almost her original name.


Enny has a very nice land all of her own in the ground floor bathroom until she acclimates and we are taking turns with patting duties.

And we are all utterly and completely smitten!

A kitty!

1 read: hungover … yes, I know.
2 A story for Another Time
3 In an attempt to go with the Presidents of the USA: kitty theme.
4 Invented by Joe/Frank when he was but a wee boy – we’ve incorporated it into her Proper Name (which is much longer).

5 thoughts on “mrs meow-gi

    • We were planning (eventually) for two elderly aloof cats, but as we ticked on our Cat Protection form … “depends on the cat”.

      She’s 6 months old, so still has some kittenish ways, and is so soft and so, so purry!

      We’ve been longing for a pet for about 5 years – she is great addition to The Palace (Of Love).

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