countdown: 5

still very pretty: 5 May 2012 : 17:00


We had the final walk through of OurVeryOwnHaus this morning!

I was horribly nervous beforehand, all nightmares and full of shakes, because it had been more than 8 weeks since I had seen the place and then for only about 10 minutes.

So much money! What if we had made a horrible mistake?

Fortunately it was just as fabulously wonderful as I remembered and I am so excited about tomorrow when we get the keys!

ZOMG! We have bought a haus!!

This evening was one for lasts:

The last trip on the worst bus route in Sydney

Last pizza delivery from our fave pizza shop

4 thoughts on “countdown: 5

  1. “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” whoopsie … anyway … I can’t even imagine!! so jealous!!

    • So fast that it flagged you as spam and I had to approve.

      We are utterly and completely exhausted. So. Many. Stairs. I can barely walk.

      Thank goodness for removalists to do the hard yards tomorrow.

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