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Another downside of the shorter workdays and gorgeous weather is that there is not a great deal of opportunity for variation in viewly photography.

I know, so tiresome to have to be continually confronted with this:

Morning: 1 May 2012

Morning: 2 May 2012

I am sure you feel my pain.

I was forced to take to my desk to mix it up a little.

Every-so-slightly-less matchy: 2 May 2012


We’ve reached the pointy end of the year at SaltMinesLimited.

This means a good deal of insanity and most everyone in the upper echelons casting about for likely victims on which to lay blame for not achieving our completely unrealistic firm-wide annual target (for there is absolutely no way we will).

Not a very nice atmosphere in which to spend one’s days. I could go on and on about the toxicity, but you’ve heard it all before and it is exhausting to even think about it.

I will be glad when the move is done, Joe/Frank is settled and I can cast my net about for alternate employment.

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