final count-up: day 2

A public holiday in the middle of the week is tremendously disconcerting. I kept thinking it was Monday all day. It will be a nice surprise to my brain tomorrow afternoon when it realises the following day is not Wednesday.

sunset: ANZAC Day 2012

The weekend that is not Wednesday will be full of assisting Bessie complete two assignments: art and textiles. Daunting indeed as there is still very much to do and the deadline is looming. She is normally so well organised that it is rare she needs such intensive help. Nonetheless I think it is important for the babies to know that if they get into difficulties, their loving family will dive right in and drag them out.

If only I had a Mummy to come to SML and help me dig myself out from beneath the avalanche of revolting, conflicting and quite impossible tasks on my endless to-do list.

I can’t countdown as yet, because we have not decided on a moving date.

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