remains of the day

Every day for the month(ish) until we move into OurVeryOwnGiantHaus, I’ll be posting a photo of the utterly spectacular view from the tiny haus we’ve lived in for the entirety of our relationship.

While we will be very, very sad to leave the neighbourhood we love so much, we’re all super-excited to explore our new one.

Already we’ve visited (what will probably be) our local for a quick beer and look forward sampling the schnitzels.

And there is so, so much more to discover!


But on to the photo of the day:

foggy: friday 20 April

When I dragged myself out of bed it was all bright and sunny, then the fog descended. In all the time I have lived here I have never seen that happen – usually I wake to fog and it eventually lifts. Climate change anyone?

Hoping, we’ll get a wide variety of weather in the remaining days, so that I might capture it all and share it with the three of you.

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