better, faster, stronger

The running outdoors is oh-so-slowly getting better and on Saturday morning I achieved a personal best!1

3.40km | 22.13min | 9.2km/h

I probably could have gone further had I stopped for a minute or so to regain my breath at the end point (to the right), but as per my self imposed rules, I must run without stopping until … errrmmm … I stop.

I am unsure what prompted the “no stopping” rule, but perhaps I need to revisit to achieve greater distance in a shorter time-frame and then eventually cut-out the stopping?

Only 6 weeks until I have to find myself another running track. I am confident it will not be anywhere near as gorgeous, but fortunately I rarely pay attention to my surrounds when I am shuffling along, so I could displace myself anywhere (given sufficient flatness).

1And can I just again say that the sports-tracker app is utterly, completely fabulous? It has really enhanced my running experience and kept me motivated.

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