it takes away from the concept of being wholesome

In Sydney, for a good while now, there has been a rather horrid plague which compels people to affix stick-person stickers representing the “quirky” attributes of their family to the rear windows of their vehicles.

Naturally mockery and eye rolling ensues whenever we spot them, which is unfortunately way, way, way too often.

Well, all except for this rear window, which is Ace! by any standards and sums up our sentiments quite well:

While stumbling home late one evening a couple of months ago, through the less salubrious area (stabbings, shootings &etc) of our suburb, I spotted a vehicle which had a quite an impressive collection of stickers (feat. pets!) which I thought would make an excellent foil to the photograph above.

I attempted a couple of snaps with ghastly-phone, but all I achieved was black.

After expressing my dismay we were dejectedly walking away when we were somewhat aggressively hailed by a couple of gents busting out of one of the terraces.

Them: “Were you taking photos of that car?”

Me: “Yeah, but it was too dark and they didn’t work”

Them, threateningly: “Why were you taking photos of the car?”

Me: “Errmmm … I was trying to take a photo of your My Family stickers”

There was silence as we briefly contemplated our impending violent demise. This was followed by a muttering and a then female voice shouted after us:

“You can buy them at any Newsagents!”

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