Saturday saw our first footy outing of the season. Go Ducks!

The SCG is pulling down our usual seating, so we’re on the opposite side of the ground and Holy!Goodness! it was like another world.

An exceptionally hot, deserty world where the sun beats down in a relentless manner.

We baked in the sun and I’m sure, despite lashings of sunscreen, I added to my freckle collection. The babies are extremely fortunate to have olive skins, worried not a jot and, I’m sure, added to their tanned attractiveness.

I’m generally pretty good about sun protection, but I am in very much in need of something for my lips (should I just succumb to the pink zinc?) because they are tingling with burning today.

I’ve recently become aware of a lip-freckle which is increasing in size and warrants a trip to the dermatologist for a check. Must make appointment. Especially if I am burning for the remainder of the season.

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