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Bessie has chosen textiles (or whatever it is called now-days) as one of her HSC subjects.

So, earlier today, we dragged ourselves out to spotlight at Birkenhead Point to locate a pattern and fabric for her first assignment.

The theme is 60s: mod or psychedelic. Bessie was super-keen to make a mod-ish coat and after a great deal of searching through pattern books, she arrived at this pattern.

Clearly, she is not one to shy away from a challenge

Initially she was planning a cream coat (much like that in the pattern) with a fabulously psychedelic lining. We found the perfect lining, but (insert whinge here about the complete and utter lack of decent fabric available in Sydney stores) couldn’t find any remotely suitable cream fabric.

So then, with reservations (about pattern-matching), she settled on a lovely pink and grey plaid, with pink (with ever-so-tiny spots) lining.

And Holy!Goodness! we could have bought 4 coats with the amount we spent on materials1.

While we were attempting to escape the complex, we were forced to the elevator and while in the queue, were quite taken by the store next door:

Do you really need those shoes? Wouldn’t you rather have a drink? Free wine tasting

Truer words were never spoken (though it was a smidge too early for indulging).


1Not to harsh on your mellow, but I feel really quite uncomfortable about this. We are in the very, very fortunate position to be able to afford the hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars this subject will cost, but what of those very talented students who are not in the same position? Who maybe have not taken up the subject because of the expenses involved?

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