plans of the best laid sort

When I said I loved the dismal weather this year, I did not mean quite this dismal.

On Wednesday we acquired our new, much more suitable tent and air-mattress, gathered camping foods from the supermarket and then became quite despondent upon hearing that there will now be extremely heavy rain and flooding across most of NSW (at least that within camping distance).

We briefly considered pushing ahead with the trip, but then had a flash of sensibility – especially when we recalled tales of people being stuck in trees or washed away while camping in flood plains and how we rolled our eyes with a “idiots! what were they thinking?”1.

Next available option is in a month, let us hope the weather eases off a smidge.

Meanwhile, the weekend will be full of cooking, sewing and bunkering down.

1Clearly, like me, some of them were stamping a foot and saying, “but I want to go camping NOW!”

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