sunday, sunday, sunday (be there!)

This morning after breakfast, coffee and reading a whole bunch of Not Improving stuff from the InformationSuperHighway and long before the babies were awake (but long, long after Don had left for golf), I tidied the kitchen and our bedroom, threw on some washing and prepped for baking cookies.

After the babies woke and breakfasted, I decluttered our (very large) tub of plastic containers, baked cookies and then forced aforesaid babies to go through their clothes and discard what they no longer wanted (I joined the party and cast out quite a bit too).

Tidy plastic – we’ll see how long it lasts

Craisin and cornflake cookies

Then, because Bessie could not drag herself away from playing uno with Joe/Frank, I carted the two GIANT bags of discarded clothes to St Vinnies by myself, whereupon The Universe rewarded me with … Boardgames!!

Yes, more than 18 months after we divested ourselves of the terrible, horrible, no-good, ghastly, revolting, dumbed-down 25th Anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit, I found the original genus version (circa 1983) for $4. After paying $50+ for the Stupid Edition, this was mucho gratifying. Also scored Scotland Yard, which I had read very good things about, for a fabulous $5.

I had to ask the lovely staff if they wouldn’t mind charging me $10, rather than $9, so I could EFTPOS my purchases.

Truly, St Vinnies is where it is at for board games! Most of our current collection has been sourced from there for under $10 per game and we particularly adore finding never-opened very obscure games.


When I arrived home after my long trek (where I also gathered baby spinach, wine and corn chips), my lovely husband whipped up a batch of guacamole.

Truly, he is A Catch.


Now the chickens have been gifted away, we very much miss the fabulous and plentiful fresh eggs from Bessie’s Other Haus and have to rely on inferior Supermarche eggs (free range, organic simply does not cut it).

I am terribly envious of this most excellent poultry wrangler and dream of what might be if we bought ourselves an actual haus.

2 thoughts on “sunday, sunday, sunday (be there!)

  1. Unfortunately, Princess prevailed – she’s still holding out for x+10y. Of course there have been no other offers, so we’re we’re holding tight until, say mid-Feb. I am occasionally inclined to offer x+4y (or even x+5y), but must stay strong.

    The market is absolutely dead at the moment, which is a positive thing (probably) as it gives us more time to save (more holidays please!) and I am pretty happy in this tiny flat at reasonable rent.

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