For the past five NYEs we’ve enjoyed the 9pm and midnight fireworks from our very wonderful balcony. And every year we see hundreds of wee heads silhouetted on Anzac Bridge as people do the same from a quite excellent vantage point.

This year I didn’t notice any silhouettes – which I attributed to a whole lotta vino and distraction caused by the NYE concert across the bay1.

Don woke up this morning with a hankering to make salade tahitienne (anything to prolong the holiday!). So this afternoon we strolled the very, very long way to the Fish Markets and encountered this:

We could not decide whether it was designed to prevent fireworks watching from non-designated areas, or to prevent NYE concert viewing (I vote the latter).

Either way, as Don commented, surprising The Man didn’t attempt to wrap our balcony.

1Tickets ranged from the ridiculous $198, to the utterly preposterous $800! We could hear and see (with the aid of our trusty spy-glass) it all perfectly.

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