spanner, meet works

As you may be aware1, the quasi-nuclear fam (sans Bessie) is heading off for a fabulously-exotic tropical island vacation for Christmas. Yay!

Almost as excellent is that I have one moar work day remaining for the year! Yay!

Much, much less excellent is that Joe/Frank and I seem to be coming down with colds. This is so very much NotYay! I cannot even say.

Poor Joe/Frank is much sicker than I and has taken to his bed red-nosed, glassy-eyed and full of spoot.

I am trying to ward cold off with a combination of alcohol, denial, vitamins2, positive-thinking and drugs.

Because I am employing the positive-thinking, I am confident there is sufficient time remaining for this to resolve itself and for us to be glowing with vitality when we fly out.

1if you follow me on teh twitter, you will know I am being Tedious about it.
2As recommended by DishyBoss.

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