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The Monday before last we had a substitute yoga teacher and boy!howdy! it was a workout.

We discovered substitute teacher has a class on Thursday evening and had planned to add that to our Monday/Saturday yoga-ness.

Unfortunately the Thursday class starts at 6pm, and while in theory I could escape the SaltMinesLimited in a remotely do-able timeframe, in practice it is only very rarely going to cut it.

Today was one of those not-cutting-it days. Arrived home rather too late to yoga, so decided I’d embrace the intent to exercise and go for a run.


I managed to run/walk for 40(ish) minutes, but it was arduous and awful. I question how people with any sort of mental function can enjoy running. Remind me how I used to be able to do this? Stupid ill health!

There is, however, one upside to the running – the tunes one can select to pound/plod/stagger/crawl along to!

Today it was Fluke: Goodnight Lover, which I completely and utterly adore. I have not run to this before today, but I’ve been listening to Risotto a good deal over the past two weeks and realised it was just the thing!

And a very firm running favourite from back when I was, you know, healthy: Prodigy: Invaders Must Die, Prodigy: Omen (and most of the rest of the Invaders Must Die album), which was a treadmill running fave and translates well to desperately plodding along/gasping for breath on a hard surface.


And while I am busting out the youtube music links, you should totally listen to this, which is, without question, the best cover of all time, but pretty darn spooty to run to.

Okay, this cover is a very infinitesimal second. And which is also not at all optimal to run to.

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