Today was pretty rotten.

Just after lunch Mr T informed me that DishyBoss has been sharing my (explicitly stated as such) confidences with a GM who then shares them with KingLear (otherwise known as the CEO).

Awkward at best. But to be honest, I was pretty devastated – here was someone who I thought I had a pretty solid relationship with and I could rely on.

This sort of thing makes me realise why I tend to avoid any sort of closeness with people in general.

2 thoughts on “trustlessness

  1. I don’t know what the confidences were but that is pretty shitty behaviour by DB. Depending on magnitude of the revelation, I would be thinking about noting this with HR. You may not want them to act on it but you may want to have it on the record.

  2. Mostly it seemed to be regarding Bratson, his incompetence (who, amazingly has come on a great deal and is now quite adequate), his relationship with MrT and my difficulties with same. MrT was not terribly forthcoming, but I also got the sense that mention was made of some particularly unflattering thoughts I’d shared about MrT’s intelligence / competence.

    Amazingly, I did not receive any sort of bollocking from MrT, he was more like, “oh well, lesson learned, eh?”


    HR is aware, but I in any case, the grapevine has it that DishyBoss is totally on the way out. I have heard tell that it is a matter of months, but we’ll see.

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