i seem to recall that i scrubbed the bathroom

Seems to have been unnaturally busy around these parts, though if you’d asked me to provide details of my activities, I be pretty much at a loss to remember what they have been.

But on with the … very minimal content.


Joaquim continues to terrorise the parsley, unabated.

Joe/Frank refers to him as the adorable pest.

We should be well pleased that he is not tearing holes in the walls … yet.


Don and I arrived home on Thursday evening to discover that Joe/Frank had dropped a casserole dish and effected a cunning repair:


We’re thinking of making an offer for a property. The conveyancer is reviewing the contract. We’re not terribly confident our offer will be accepted, but it is very scary, grown-up stuff nonetheless.

More details as they come to hand.


Honestly, could I get more middle-aged?

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