giant illuminated space-bus

The past couple of evenings we’ve noticed a quite enormous, ridiculously bright light seemingly hovvering over the marina on the other side of the bay.

As far as we could ascertain through the trees, the quite giant light was suspended from a quite giant crane.

Last night we decided to investigate and walked around the foreshore – whereupon we discovered our assumptions were incorrect. The quite giant light was illuminating White Bay Power Station

Quite giant light is that enormous glowing bus-sized thing slightly right of centre

Don commented that surely it must be for filming. I suggested it might be for the filming of The Great Gatsby, which we both immediately discounted, because we could not think of any possible connection with the novel and a decaying, disused powerstation (except for, you know, some kind of tortured metaphor).

Turns out it totally was for The Great Gatsby. Though I would poke my eyes out with a blunt or burnt sticke than watch any Baz Luhrmann film, I may have to force myself just to see how they work this into the plot.

There was also a very pretty full moon:

Which of course means wild and crazy times.

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