form over function

Despite google being teh evil, I’ve been happily using google reader for a very long while. This week they rolled out a new look – sleek, minimalist, lots of white space.

So much white space1 that the google header bit now takes up precisely 1/3 of my screen (yes of course I measured: 6.5cm / 19.5cm). This makes reading content really quite annoying, especially when images are involved.

So I’ve given up and gone to bloglines, which I used around 2 centuries ago, and which seems much superior to that of old.

With the added bonus that the header bits take up 1/10 of the window.

Gmail has been revamped too, with a similar look.

ye olde gmail interface

shiny, new gmail interface

Much less fussy, but very easy for the unwary to click on ads because they look startlingly similar to the emails.

1Don suggests this is where the ads will go.

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