ayam carol

Donaldo and I took an annual leave day today to take care of administrivia: a Joe/Frank podiatrist visit and our 2010/11 tax.

When you have a child with a disability you tend to focus on dealing with specific, overt issues (such as speech therapy) rather than being attentive to the periphery. It was only when Joe/Frank clumsily bashed his little toe rather badly on a door jamb a couple of months ago and SuperHappyFunGP suggested his stance was a little awry that we considered podiatry.

The podiatrist was totally fabulous1 and it transpires that Joe/Frank massively over-pronates and needs (quite expensive) orthotics. Hopefully this might deal with his galumphing. Must enquire how one copes with thongs/summer on next visit.

On to tax. Despite socialised medicine and private health insurance we were $7K out of pocket for medical this year (stupid fibriody ute), of which we can offset less than 1/20th. Still, we’ll both get refunds – which will go straight into the haus-savering fund.

Post-tax we headed off for our annual post-taxy boozy lunch. This year we chose Chinta Ria (temple of love). It was Don’s first visit and was, as ever, brilliant on a gorgeous, sparkly Sydney spring afternoon.

Post-lunch we wandered home through Pyrmont and confirmed we’d really rather like to live there if we can’t afford to live here in hIPPYtOWN 2037. We stopped by the Pyrmont Point Hotel for moar wine and the watching of quite, quite ridiculously tragic music videos.

Then, on the walk home, Don said, “hey – look at [x]” and I turned to look and tripped on a hole on the road and fell very heavily on my hands and knees on the asphalt.


I’ve applied mucho ice to the affected areas, but holy! goodness! I’m pretty sure my mobility will be compromised for a wee while as I can barely stand without sobbing.

Nonetheless, I quite spectacular day.

1You should totally go if you’re local and have footly issues.

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