In the past my charitable giving has been confined to sponsoring my children and various colleagues in their fund-raising activities or occasional handsful of coins given to buskers or unfortunates on the street.

It is no secret that I have seen some pretty desperate financial times in the past and that Joan, Fenton and I effectively lived below the poverty-line for a good, long while. Now that I am doing significantly better, I decided it was time that I do something more substantial than throwing the occasional $20 at people for running in stuff and decided to sign up for regular giving to a charitable organisation very, very close to my heart: ASPECT.

I called ASPECT last week and signed up for monthly contributions and they were so completely and utterly thrilled that I felt like a Very Good Person Indeed.

I would never dare to suggest anything to you, dear reader, but if things are going well for you and you’re not doing so already, why not give some thought to tossing some cash to a cause that means a lot to you.

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