≤$6 ≤6 words: fay

Completed this one at 3am today, after being kept awake for hours by Don’s I’ve-had-a-little-too-much-beer snoring. Sadly, shoving and shaking him had no effect at all, I had to resort to a pillow over my head after I’d finished.

You’ll notice that I’ve added cost to the review to keep me honest. Will try to retrofit the previous reviews.

Book 6: Fay Weldon: She may not leave
Cost: free (!)1
Made an ass of me + ‘mptions

As always, if you want it, it is yours – shipping on me.

1with magazine I bought when Joan was raced back to hospital after complications from her tonsillectomy.


2 thoughts on “≤$6 ≤6 words: fay

  1. I am glad that I have now found a forum to say how much I loathed that book.

    As a working mother who needs to employ various kinds of child care, maybe one day an au pair/ nanny will be depicted as someone normal and pleasant and intelligent, rather than as a psychopathic husband-stealer.

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